Boosterthon Fun Run

Since 2009, The Sope Creek Fun Run program has helped our school purchase essential learning tools.  Sope Creek has been able to update our library to a 21st century Learning Commons.  We have also raised funds for field day, art day, specialized training for teachers, supplies for P.E., music and art. Schools across the country like ours have trusted Boosterthon to increase funds and inspire students through a remarkable fitness and character program.

This event funds the entire PTA budget for the year through an awesome fitness and character program.

 Fun Run 2021 Information

Sope Creek families!


We’re only 2 weeks away from our Sope Creek Fun Run! Our goal is to raise $75,000 for PTA projects throughout the year and school beautification


Here is a quick video overview of our fundraising program:


We want all families to get registered by Friday 9/17! Log on to MYBOOSTER.COM today and enter your family’s details. 


We are working hard to make this fundraiser safe, fun, and successful for everyone! 


Key dates to remember: 


      Register on MYBOOSTER.COM

  • Fundraiser Kickoff - 9/17 
  • Event Day - 9/24 


Thank you for working with us to make our school stronger. We are grateful for your support!


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