Membership Toolkit

In February 2018 the Sope Creek PTA implemented Membership Toolkit as our primary technology platform.

Why HAVE we doNE this?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here's the answer:

 Membership Toolkit will become the one-stop-shop for our PTA's:

  • Directory
  • Online Store
  • Web Site
  • Newsletters & Ad Hoc Emails 
  • Calendar
  • Volunteer Management
  • Accounting Functions (Future Consideration)

We believe this change will simplify life not only for our parents, but also for those PTA volunteers that have to administer these functions. In the process, we'll save some $$$ by consolidating into one platform.

As an added benefit this change should ease our families' transition from elementary to middle and high school: East Cobb, Dickerson, Walton and Wheeler all currently use the Membership Toolkit platform. Your login credentials will follow you from school-to-school!

What do i need to do? 

  • Bookmark This is the new home for all things Sope Creek PTA.
  • Starting now, we encourage all parents to register for an account and to update their family information and directory preferences. Please note that will will not migrate any information from MySchoolAnywhere to Membership Toolkit.
  • We've also started looking for volunteers for the 2018/19 committees. We hope you'll volunteer for a committee or two!
  • For easy mobile access to the directory and calendar, install the mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • In March, we will transition our weekly newsletter from Constant Contact to Membership Toolkit. In order to keep receiving that newsletter, be sure to subscribe here.
  • In April, we will use this new platform to start selling school supplies for the next school year. Stay tuned!
  • If you have any issues along the way, please contact

Thank you for your patience during this transition!